About Us

We are a group of college students and working individuals who have been in the industry of unlocking phones since 1999; Unlock Kings is owned by Mas Productionz, we also own and operate The Web Unlocker. This site was originally made to feature our videos of unlocked phones. What seperates us from all other unlocking sites is that we actually TEST all our unclocks before posting/selling them, we don't offer you something we know nothing about. We buy the phones, practice and make sure the technology works then offer the service. Which is why we will be posting more videos as time goes by, our knowledge is our best asset.

       Locally based in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Minnesota, we provide unlocking service for just about all gsm phones. We do most of our unlocking locally, but for those who are not around the Twin Cities area and need their phones unlocked we provide remote unlocking; which we send you instructions on how to unlock your phone from home, just use above links for very simple instruction.

Please use "Contact Us" link above if you have more questions.