Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of calls daily that are repeat questions, so we made this page to help clarify these often asked questions.

Q: Can you unlock the Verizon BlackBerry Storm/Tour for At&t / T-Mobile?
A: Yes, we do a lot of these daily and there are video proofs on our website (link in above tab). The Storm, Tour, Bold II are currently the only Verizon phones that have a functional GSM frequency for U.S. carriers. We don't unlock any other Verizon phones.

Q: Do you Flash for Metro PCS, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Nextel, or Verizon?
A: No we do not flash/work on CDMA phones (That don't use real sim cards), We only unlock GSM devices (that use real sim cards); examples are All T-Mobile / At&t, Cincinnati Bell, etc (USA phone ) and other GSM carriers around the world.
We do not flash/unlock for Metro PCS, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Nextel, or Verizon networks because they don't provide GSM service, their sim cards (if they have one) are not real. The only exceptions are the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, and Bold II because they have a real GSM capabilities on the phone; these phones can be unlocked for other GSM providers like Att, T-Mobile etc.

Q: How long will it take to get my code? How Much?
A: Every phone has a different return time & price; some are instant (after payment clears) and a few are within 1 - 3 hours; please click on the carrier your phone is locked to in our top menus to see how long it will take to unlock your phone and cost.

Q: What are your business hours?
A: 10am - 6pm Central USA time; Monday - Friday.
Does this mean we CLOSE after 6PM? Absolutely not!

We do try to process unlocks 24/7, up till 1-2-3am frequently (Monday - Sunday), but our "technical" business hours are as stated above, this is for people who order, call, ask questions at 3/4am (or on a Sunday) and get upset because we don't respond right away, we do sleep at times and have family members too. Thanks for understanding :)

Q: Can we come to your store or you to our home?
A: No; we have local private offices but those are private. Everything we do is online and remotely; saves time and additional costs to both of us.
The steps to unlocking via code on a scale of difficulty from 1 - 10 is probably a 1/1.5 and takes about 20-30 seconds, you really don't need someone to hold your hand through it at all; it is as simple as making a phone call.

Q: Do I have to mail anything?
A: NO! All unlocks and services are provided online via email in hours at the most. Please desired menu tab above for full details.

Q: How do I get my phone unlocked?
A: Simply visit our website and click on the carrier your phone is locked to, there are step by step instructions there.

Q: What is the best way to get a hold of you?
A: Fastest way to get a response is via email or text message. Yes, we do answer all calls based on availability but the more time we spend on the phone (mostly answering questions already answered above/on our site) the less time we have for our customers.

Q: So why are you guys Unlock Kings?
A: We (and our customers) believe we are the best at what we do, not just fast and unlocking but also great customer service.

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